Housing for all

Our region, like many others in the nation, is grappling with a significant housing affordability crisis. The Housing for All Task Force is one initiative that our community leaders in both the government and the private sector are working on together to help address the issue. At Canin Associates, our team has been focused on providing leadership in this area for over 10 years. We have been designing homes that are more affordable without sacrificing quality and livability. We are now pleased to introduce a series of house plans that have been tested in the market and adopted by public agencies such as the City of Orlando and the Orlando Community Redevelopment Agency.

These plans are construction ready and are available for purchase. They also fall within the recommended price range identified in the Housing for All Task Force study. They can be utilized in multiple scenarios for infill, replacement or new housing developments. These homes offer a range of square footages from 1,520 square feet to 2,300 square feet, with a variety of appealing facades that will help create a unique contemporary character in any neighborhood.

4 Plex Townhome

product size – 1,520 sq. ft.
unit size – 22′ x 50′
layout – 3 bed / 2 bath


Small Lot Single Family Cottage

product size – 1,526 sq. ft.
unit size – 40′ x 85′
layout – 3-4 bed / 2.5 bath

Small Lot Single Family Cottage

product size – 1,576 sq. ft.
unit size – 42.5′ x 92′
layout – 3 bed / 2.5 bath

Small Lot Single Family Cottage

product size –
1,782 / 2,056 sq. ft.
unit size – 30′ x 62′
layout – 3-4 bed / 2.5 bath

Single Family Home

product size –
1,864 / 2,050 sq. ft.
unit size – 60′ x 66′
layout – 3 bed / 2.5 bath

Retro-Renovation: How to Bring New Life to an Outdated Floor Plan

Florida Mid-Century Modern Architecture - Update and Renovation

Florida has a rich architectural history when it comes to mid-century modern buildings. While the style has become a mainstay in sun-kissed cities like Miami and Orlando, some original features have not stood the test of time. Luckily, a skilled architect can revamp an existing structure to fit today’s needs without losing its historical charm. One example of bringing new life to an old building is 3107 Ardsley Drive, which is featured in this year’s Orlando Parade of Homes.

Photo by Hardwick General Contracting, Inc.


Elements of a Mid-Century Renovation


What makes the Ardsley Drive renovation especially successful is that the designers salvaged many of the original buildings blocks. For example, the keeping of specific walls preserved much of the building’s initial shape. Within the walls, however, an open floor plan accommodates the family’s contemporary lifestyle. Other vintage elements, such as the fireplace, add to the building’s history.


Updated Mid-Century Modern Floorplan

At 3,800 square feet, the four-bedroom, four-bathroom home offers an expansive everyday living space. The house’s size and open-concept layout easily meet today’s needs. Additionally, spacious closets and an oversized garage offer smart storage solutions.


To further the feeling of openness, architects removed visual barriers for a floor plan that now blurs the separation of indoor and outdoor spaces. This seamless transition is supported by natural light from an abundance of clerestory windows. Furthermore, all living spaces (and even the master suite) now feature stunning views of the adjacent lake.


Lastly, this complete remodel afforded architects and builders the opportunity to implement energy-efficient design standards and construction practices. From new windows to energy-saving appliances, the home takes “being green” to heart.


With its sleek transitional-contemporary design and energy-conscious implementation, this retro renovation creates a strong connection between Florida’s vintage architecture and today’s living needs. Having breathed new life into a stagnant design, it’s safe to say that Ardsley Drive is ready for another 50 years.