Mixed Use & Urban Design

Going beyond typical public environments, we are creating functional spaces, and inviting neighborhoods.

  • Main Street at Lakewood Ranch

    Pedestrian friendly main street conducive to social interaction.
  • Sanford-Burnham Institute

    Research center anchoring the Lake Nona Science and Technology Park
  • Tradition Square

    Storefronts facing a pristine village green and fountain.
  • Rivertown

    Phased town center alongside the banks of the St. Johns River
  • Symphony Village Center

    Within the master-planned community of Symphony, a town center complete with themed seasonal plaza.
  • Cypress Gardens Blvd

    Cypress Gardens Boulevard is a dynamic, growing tourist corridor that connects historic Winter Haven to US-27.
  • Panama Pacifico – Kobbe Hills

    Kobbe Hills is a 339-hectare (837-acre) village wrapped around a large lake and a park that showcases the area’s natural ecosystem and vegetation.
  • Panama Pacifico

    A showcase for 21st century development in an international setting and will provide the Country of Panama with an economic base and room to grow