Eliza Harris on Orange TV

Eliza Harris on 2015 APA Awards Jury

Eliza Harris, Canin Associates Orlando



This past November, the American Planning Association invited Eliza Harris, Director of Urbanism at Canin Associates, to sit on the 2015 APA Awards Jury in Chicago. She joined the jury to share her wealth of knowledge on long-range transportation planning, urban design, and smart growth issues.


Each year, the American Planning Association’s Awards Jury selects the projects and people that will be recognized for their outstanding efforts in planning and planning leadership. This year’s interdisciplinary, six-person jury was comprised of leaders in urban planning, architecture, transportation, and government. The APA Awards honor professionals and students with awards including the Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan, the HUD Secretary’s Opportunity & Empowerment Award, and a series of National Planning Excellence Awards. Winners will be honored at the 2015 National Planning Conference in Seattle.