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Canin Associates Jurgen Engineers in the Classroom Florida

Earlier this summer, Jurgen Duncan spent some time with curious fifth graders as part of the Florida Engineers in the Classroom program. To further STEM programs in public schools around the state, presenters from a variety of fields each gave 20-minute presentations to five or six classes. The hands-on workshops gave kids the opportunity to engage in real-world scenarios in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Jurgen, Canin Associates’ transportation designer, made roadway design fun and engaging by using an HO Slot race track. Other topics in the Florida Engineers in the Classroom program included:


  •  Airport Design – The kids get a chance to design an airport layout on paper after hearing about some of the key elements that are considered in Airport Design.
  •  Candyland – Structural in nature. This is where the kids get to design and build a town from the ground up using only licorice, gummy bears and toothpicks.
  •  Chemical Engineering – Engineering Mike mixes things up!
  •  Drainage – The kids learn about how water flows and how different size pipes allow more/less water to flow through them.
  •  Geotech – Typically includes a large drill rig. The kids get a chance to see the rig go into the ground and pull up a soil sample. The kids get to look at and touch the sample while learning about Geotechnical Engineering.
  •  GPS – The kids get to work hands-on with surveyors and learn the nuances behind surveying and Global Positioning Systems
  •  Magnetism – Materials available include copper pipe, magnets, and ball bearings. Show how magnetic brakes work and Newton cradle of conservation of energy.
  •  Park Design – The kids get to design a park on paper after learning about the important aspects of perk design.
  •  Simple Machine – Materials available spool, paint stirrer, ping pong ball and Dixie cup.  Describe fulcrum, lever, projectile, and launch/recovery vehicle, via see saw example and catapult.
  •  Surveying – Traditional methods of demonstrating surveying.
  •  Town Design – The kids get to design a town after learning about the important planning activities involved in designing a town.
  •  What is an Engineer? – This is a pre-made PowerPoint presentation, whereby all of the various Engineering fields are discussed. The presentation includes sound clips and movies to help hold their interest.


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