Mills 50 And The Milk District

Mills 50 And The Milk District

Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvement Study

Mills 50 and the Milk District are two popular business districts that are part of the City of Orlando’s Main Streets Program. Both are located in Orlando’s Traditional City which is the portion of the city built before World War II. As a result, they have the characteristics of historic areas that are generally supportive of walking and biking including connected street networks, buildings located close to the sidewalk, and old growth tree cover in adjacent residential areas. With more people walking and biking to shops, restaurants, and bars in these areas, the City of Orlando is seeking to improve the safety of its citizens and the success of local businesses by making these active transportation options safer and more comfortable.

orlando bicycle study

Canin Associates joined an HDR-led team tasked with identifying near-term solutions for improving active transportation and placemaking in the districts. Through stakeholder engagement, the team learned that both districts were concerned about safety, convenience, comfort, and connectivity of travel and the attractiveness of their corridors with different levels of emphasis based on differences in existing conditions and community values. Proposed improvements were developed through collaborative on-site workshops to develop concepts that met the City’s and stakeholder’s goals. We employed our team’s local knowledge of bicycling conditions to provide site-specific recommendations on bicycle routing and connectivity. Proposals include new crosswalks and traffic signals, off-street bicycle paths, streetscaping improvements, and right-sizing of underutilized roadways.

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