Seminole Country Growth map

Seminole County: Coding for Intentional Growth

Canin Associates is working with Seminole County to shape the next 20 years of growth in the unincorporated areas of the County. Our team has evaluated and proposed updates to the land development code to address a variety of issues ranging from “missing middle” housing, Florida Friendly landscape standards, and solar farms.
River Gorge Amenities

River Gorge Ranch: Mountain Time

A short drive from Chattanooga, Thunder Enterprises is developing a new community with approximately 2,000 homesites called River Gorge Ranch. The entire community is situated on Aetna Mountain overlooking the Tennessee River.
canin amenities

Community Convenience: Right Sizing Amenities

Providing amenities in master-planned communities and other residential land development projects always brings up the question: What kind of amenities should we provide?
canin design guide

Design Matters: Guiding the Details

Design guidelines are the preferred tool to guide development toward an overall vision for a community and to establish the project branding. The Canin team has been creating these guiding documents as part of the project planning process for decades.
Sustanee Community Street

Sustanee: Connecting Community in Nature

The Sustane Community Plan has evolved into a cutting edge model of sustainable planning and development. The plan is groundbreaking in that it is envisioned as a 5-generation plan that will sustain its residents for over 100 years.
Silverleaf Sign

Silverleaf: Structured for Success

Silverleaf, is located in the rapidly growing Horizon West area of west Orange County. The Canin Landscape Architecture studio has been providing design and permitting services for multiple phases of Silverleaf
Afrotainment studios

Star Power: A New Afrotainment Studio

Canin Associates’ Architecture Studio has had the opportunity to work on a studio remodel design for Afrotainment.
Bryn Mawr Duplex

Creative Couples: Bryn Mawr Attached Duplexes

Canin Associates is completing construction documents for four new innovative 1,450 sq. ft., two-story duplex plans that live large with private rear-yard courtyards.
Orange County Map

Envisioning a New Direction for Orange County

Orange County (including its cities) is expected to grow in population by almost 50% over the next 30 years.
The Hills Park Plan

The Hills: A New Community Rising in Minneola

The project initially called the Hills of Minneola, is currently under construction both north and south of the Hancock Road interchange on Florida’s Turnpike.
Harmony West Amenities

Harmonious Collaboration for Creating Community

The Canin Architecture and Landscape Studios have been engaged to provide signage, landscape design, and architectural design services for what will be a new 1,800 unit addition to the community of Harmony. 
Housing for all

Housing for all

We have been designing homes that are more affordable without sacrificing quality and livability. We are now pleased to introduce a series of house plans that have been tested in the market and adopted by public agencies such as the City of Orlando and the Orlando Community Redevelopment Agency.
Hembree Design

Outdoor Living Products

The Architecture Studio is excited to be designing a new headquarters…
Mills 50 And The Milk District

Mills 50 And The Milk District

Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvement Study Mills 50 and the…
North Quarter

North Quarter

Today, more people are choosing to live in or near downtown. The North Quarter is a mixed-use area of downtown Orlando north of Colonial Drive.

2018 Landscape Trends in Community Amenities

Whether you are designing a new community amenity or expanding…
A Vision for Mercy Drive

A Vision for Mercy Drive

Hidden behind the Central Florida Fairgrounds and nestled between…
2018 Outlook: Home Design Trends

2018 Outlook: Home Design Trends

    Looking toward 2018, I thought it would…
Courtyards in Mexico: More than an architectural feature

Courtyards in Mexico: More than an architectural feature

Canin Associates Fall Studio Sponsorship at the University of…
Canin Logo_FB3

Brian Canin Inducted into the College of Fellows of the (AICP)

Canin Associates is thrilled to announce that its founder and…

Our 5 Top Posts of 2015

Happy New Year! Like most of you, we hit the ground running in…
Bike Lanes - Pros and Cons

Bike Lanes or No Bike Lanes: A False Dichotomy?

In many cities, a false dichotomy has dominated recent conversations…
Lake Flores Manatee County Florida Development

Lake Flores Brings New Urbanism to Southwest Florida

“A positive example of change,” “the right development…
ULI Event Recap

ULI Central Florida: Visionaries Discuss the M-Factor

Last week, I had the chance to attend ULI Central Florida's signature…
Indoor-Outdoor Living Trends

Indoor-Outdoor Design: Tips and Trends

Fall is here, and for Florida and much of the South that means…

A Connectivity Case Study in Saarbrücken, Germany

Saarbrücken is a German city along the French border with a population…
Aging in Place: Home Design for Baby Boomers

Design Principles for Aging in Place

Many recent surveys show that homeowners are staying in their…
Orlando Custom Remodel

A Dramatic Remodel with Minimal Structural Changes

The Chapin Residence recently underwent a dramatic remodel…

Alleys in Urban Design: History and Application

A Short History of Alleys   While alleys have existed…

Greg Witherspoon Announced as Chair of ULI Central Florida

Canin Associates is excited to announce that Greg Witherspoon,…
Canin Micro Homes

Canin Collection: Canin Micro Homes

The Canin Micro Homes respond to a real-world housing shortage…
SEBC 2015 Canin Associates Architects

Canin Associates to Present at the 2015 Southeast Building Conference

On Friday, July 17, 2015, Canin Associates’ Tony Weremeichik will…

Canin Collection: Paseo Cottages

A new addition to the Canin Collection, the Paseo Cottages, feature…

Tips on Achieving Sound Protection in New Homes and Remodels

While at a get-together at a friend’s house, a small group…
One Daytona Development

Event Recap: ULI Central Florida’s Volusia County Update

Leading the nation in job growth last year isn’t the only topic…

Do Home Buyers Really Want Smart Home Technology?

As a home designer, for many years I’ve been greatly anticipating…
Peru - Cusco - Architecture

Three Architectural Periods in Peru

Peru as a country boasts a mix of cultures, climates, and architecture.…

Eliza Harris Juliano Appointed to Orange County Development Advisory Board

Canin Associates’ Director of Urbanism, Eliza Harris Juliano, will…

Canin How-To: A Quick Hand-Colored Elevation

A quick marketing image can be created and used at any stage…

Architectural Case Study: Designing a Semi-Custom Home

Often times, our clients come to us with a specific design challenge.…
2015 CNU Florida Summit

CNU Florida Summit 2015: Our Takeaways

Last week, members of the Congress for the New Urbanism convened…

5 Tips to Get Your Clubhouse Right

A clubhouse can be a neighborhood focal point and help attract…
Single-Family Homes in an Urban Environment

Single-Family Can Be Urban, Too

American housing design is in need of a paradigm shift. Recognizing…

ULI Central Florida: 2015 Emerging Trends in Real Estate

On January 30, 2015, ULI Central Florida held its annual Emerging…

Implementing Streetcars: Lessons from Atlanta

The streetcar fits a unique niche in our transportation system…

Tony Weremeichik at 2015 International Builders’ Show

Every year, over 75,000 attendees from around the world convene…
Tony Weremeichik, Principal of Architecture, Canin Associates, Orlando

Design Principal Tony Weremeichik Named Among “Who’s Who in Green Home Building 2014”

Canin Associates is proud to have Principal of Architectural…

Canin Award Funds Student Trip to Medellín, Columbia

Last fall, a group of students and professors from the University…

5 Takeaways from Harvard Design’s Miami Weekend

Last week, my alma mater was kind enough to bring the alumni…
ULI Central Florida Project DTO Orlando

Event Recap: ULI’s Project DTO, From Vision to Reality

This morning I attended Project DTO: Advancing Downtown Orlando,…
Multi-Way Boulevard Plan View

A Brief Look: What is a Multi-Way Boulevard?

Streets, roads, courts, avenues, boulevards—cities use these…
Eliza Harris on Orange TV

Eliza Harris on 2015 APA Awards Jury

    This past November, the American Planning…
Orlando Architect Tony Weremeichik

Tony Weremeichik to Present at MCBC

  The Master Custom Builder Council (MCBC) has invited…

David Weekley Partners with Canin Associates on New Home Designs

David Weekley Homes, Professional Builder Magazine’s 2013…
Lake Flores Florida Site Master Plan 3

The New Neighborhood: Mixed-Use and Multi-Modal

Conventional suburbs are making way for carefully master-planned…

A Quick ‘n’ Simple Roundabout Infographic

We created this roundabout infographic to explain why they're…
Streetcars Old and New

Streetcars Then and Now

Streetcars were a primary mode of transportation in America's…

The Benefits of the Modern Roundabout

Image by Ken Sides, City of Clearwater In 2007, the United…

Panama Pacifico: A New City Center at the Heart of the Americas

Panama Pacifico is pioneering true urbanism at a city and regional…
Canin Associates Jurgen Engineers in the Classroom Florida

Canin’s Jurgen Duncan at Florida Engineers in the Classroom

Earlier this summer, Jurgen Duncan spent some time with curious…
SEBC 2015 Canin Associates Architects

Canin Associates to Present at 2014 SEBC

  On Friday, July 25, 2014, Canin Associates’ Tony…

The Value of International Planning

  As an idea-driven firm, working abroad is especially…
Mid-Century Modern Renovation

Canin Wins First Place Whole House Renovation at 2014 Parade of Homes

Our team at the Canin Associates Architectural Design Studio…
Woonerf or Dutch complete street, Canin Associates, Florida urban planners

What in the World is a Woonerf?

If you’re a civically minded urban planner or citizen,…
Eliza Harris on Orange TV

Canin Associates’ Eliza Harris on Orange TV

  On Wednesday, May 28 at 7:00pm, Orange County Live!…

Placemaking and Living Streets: A Maitland, FL Case Study

Maitland, Florida, is a small city of about 15,000 residents.…
Millenials Seek Green Homes

Millenials Want to Be Green: Taking Sustainability to the Next Level

Labeled as the generation to turn around the housing market,…
Florida Mid-Century Modern Architecture - Update and Renovation

Retro-Renovation: How to Bring New Life to an Outdated Floor Plan

Florida has a rich architectural history when it comes to mid-century…
Tactical Urbanism Site Previtalization - Example in New, Master-Planned Communities

Tactical Urbanism and Site Previtalization in New Communities

Tactical urbanism is often seen as a strategy for existing communities.…

Master-Planned Communities in a New Economy

Inarguably, conventional growth patterns coupled with the recent…
Baby Boomer Home Features

Appealing to a Booming Market: 5 Must-Haves for the Baby Boomer Generation

With a growing number of baby boomers looking for their ideal…

Curb Appeal: 2013 Design Trends in Exterior Home Design

Issued for Builder and Developer Magazine. Home Design is like a fashion show – with the neighborhood streets as the catwalk. For as much as apparel design changes with the seasons, so it does with home design. Newer designs emerge and classics are reintroduced and enhanced….

Mobility Planning for Long Term Economic Development

At Canin Associates, we like to study history and precedents. It’s useful to know where you’ve been if you want to decide where you want to go in the future. For a while now I have personally been fascinated with the Dark Ages, that period in medieval history when society lost track of its roots and culture for 800 to 1,000 years. So what happened in the Dark Ages?