Vision Study

Our team recently collaborated on award winning planning effort to help revitalize a part of downtown Orlando. Four decades ago, Orange and Magnolia Avenues in downtown were converted to one-way streets to speed workers into and out of downtown from new suburban residences. Today, more people are choosing to live in or near downtown. The North Quarter is a mixed-use area of downtown Orlando north of Colonial Drive. High-speed traffic on the one-way avenues are a challenge for residents who want to cross the street for dinner or bike to downtown offices. Wrong-way driving is a frequent hazard and businesses suffer from lack of visibility.

The City of Orlando’s Community Redevelopment Agency commissioned Canin Associates, with support from Toole Design Group, to conduct a public charrette to envision a better transportation future for the North Quarter. The result is a design for two-way travel on both avenues that is safe, attractive, and comfortable for residents, employees, and visitors whether they are walking, biking, or driving. New traffic signals and two-way travel improve access and safety for drivers. The vision incorporates a robust bicycling network that connects to the downtown core, College Park, and the Orlando Urban Trail. New crosswalks, curb extensions, and landscaping improve connectivity and comfort for walking.

Greg Witherspoon

About Greg Witherspoon

Greg leads the Landscape Architecture Studio at Canin Associates. With nearly 20 years of experience in landscape architecture and planning at a principal level, he manages teams from project conceptualization and visioning through the design, entitlement, and construction documentation process.

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