North Quarter Orlando Project Overview

Canin Associates led this award-winning design effort with the potential to improve safety and quality of life in a quickly evolving Orlando neighborhood. The North Quarter is a district of apartments, offices, and neighborhood-serving businesses just north of the downtown core.

The City of Orlando’s Community Redevelopment Agency commissioned Canin Associates to reimagine streets currently configured around regional commuter traffic to better serve the growing number of people living and working in the neighborhood.

The team conducted an on-site design charrette to study the existing conditions, engage local residents, workers, and business owners, and explore design solutions. The result is a design for two-way travel on both main avenues that is safe, attractive, and comfortable for people whether they are walking, biking, or driving. New traffic signals and two-way travel improve access local businesses and address safety concerns. The vision incorporates a robust bicycling network that connects to the downtown core, College Park, and the Orlando Bicycle Beltway. New crosswalks, curb extensions, and landscaping improve connectivity and comfort for people walking.

The North Quarter Transportation Vision was honored with the award for Outstanding Development-Design Excellence by the Florida Planning and Zoning Association.