North Winter Park Drive Project Overview

Canin Associates worked with the City of Casselberry to identify revitalization strategies for a collection of mid-century neighborhoods to improve quality of life and connect residents with nearby destinations. The neighborhoods surrounding North Winter Park Drive include a mix of site-built and manufactured homes on varied lot sizes. The area is challenged by a lack of growth, the declining condition of some homes, and zoning categories inconsistent with existing conditions. 

Proposals included changing zoning standards to spur reinvestment by bringing existing homes into conformance and allowing new housing types such as smaller lot and duplex typologies. New typologies would be subject to design standards to ensure they contribute positively to the community’s visual brand. To demonstrate quality development achievable under the new standards, the City could partner with a land trust or other private entity to develop catalyst housing on City-owned lots. Other strategies include re-programming an existing public park to increase usage, enhancing neighborhood centers as mixed-use community gathering places, and increasing the visibility of neighborhood names and markers.

The study also addressed transportation strategies to reduce the impact of regional traffic and make it more comfortable for people to walk and bike to nearby businesses and recreational facilities. Proposals included pedestrian pathways, crosswalks, traffic calming, and an enhanced bicycle network.