Orlando Transportation Plan Overview

Canin Associates is a member of the METROPLAN ORLANDO 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) team developing a comprehensive transportation vision for the tri-county area of Seminole, Orange and Osceola counties. Canin Associate’s role was to demonstrate how smart land use and people-oriented urban form can improve transportation outcomes such as cost and congestion while providing a quality environment for urban dwellers and travelers. Building on the consensus of recent initiatives including the “How Shall We Grow?” Central Florida Regional Growth Vision, Canin Associates developed an alternative forecast of future development patterns with an eye for strategies to optimize transportation efficiency.

Canin engaged in design studies of sites throughout the three counties and beyond highlighting opportunities for visionary planning and illustrating smart growth strategies from the neighborhood to the sub-regional level. As part of the land use vision Canin incorporates progressive concepts such as jobs to housing balance, area built out plans, multi-way boulevards, and streetcar neighborhoods to show how a combination of local and sub-regional initiatives can impact the regional transportation network.

Canin has been working with MetroPlan Orlando since 1997 to provide land use forecasting model development, including the development of the Future Land Use Allocation Model (FLUAM), socioeconomic dataset development and GIS support for the Unified Work Program.