Panama Pacifico – Kobbe Hills

Panama City, Panama

Kobbe Hills is a 339-hectare (837-acre) village wrapped around a large lake and a park that showcases the area’s natural ecosystem and vegetation. The mixed-use village center, along with several neighborhoods and multifamily buildings, looks out over the preserve from a slightly elevated position, offering stunning vistas of the Panamanian landscape. A multimodal off-street trail system connects the village center to the surrounding neighborhoods, giving walkers, runners, and cyclists safe and consistent mobility throughout the village. With a high degree of connectivity, beautiful natural and urban amenities, diverse
housing options, and a gorgeous lakeside town center, Kobbe Hills offers a relaxed lifestyle while still being located just minutes away from downtown Panama Pacifico.

Info Sheet »
  • architectural design
  • conceptual planning
  • conceptual urban design
  • master planning
  • photographic simulation
  • site planning
  • urban design
  • vision planning
Project Size:
  • 339 hectares
Product Type:
  • Master Planned Community
  • London & Regional Panama