S.R. 50 Bus Rapid Transit Station Area Project Overview

Transit-oriented development positions a transit system for success by generating ridership and creating safe and comfortable routes to destinations once riders disembark. The S.R. 50 BRT Station Area Analysis assessed and illustrated the potential for transit-oriented development within a 10-minute walk of 13 proposed bus rapid transit stations in the City of Orlando and unincorporated Orange County. The goal of the project was to identify strategies to enable and encourage transit-oriented development and visualize these development types in the corridor for stakeholders.

The study also included short-term and long-term bicycle and pedestrian connectivity improvements for each station area. The FDOT TOD Readiness Framework was used to assess quantitative and qualitative readiness of each station area for transit-supportive development. Canin Associates’ role on the project included design concepts for five station areas and analysis of 13 stations. Canin Associates also participated in public and stakeholder involvement.

Canin Associates was able to build on our prior work with the City of Orlando and MetroPlan Orlando on four of the station areas: Mercy Drive, North Quarter, Primrose Drive in the Milk District, and Pine Hills.

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