canin amenities

Community Convenience: Right Sizing Amenities

canin amenities

Providing amenities in master planned communities and other residential land development projects always brings up the question:

What kind of amenities should we provide?

The answer is very subjective and considerations include everything from community needs and trends to development costs. In our experience, there are some good basics that can provide a usable and enjoyable amenity that increases the value of the overall community. There are two basic programming components that are usually a part of any advanced facility.

One is a community room and the other is a fitness area. In some communities, building more than just a pool facility is key to attracting new home buyers. Integrating the interior and exterior spaces are vital components to maximize the opportunities for residents and expand the programming on site. Ample outdoor spaces are an important feature, especially when they expand the function of interior rooms.

Additional site elements typically include a right sized pool, play areas for younger kids, sports facilities, and lawn spaces for gatherings and events. All programmed elements should relate to the regional context and anticipated community demographics. Simple solutions such as trails, access to nature, shade, open space, and ample seating are always key elements that can enhance the value for any amenity site.