River Gorge Amenities

River Gorge Ranch: Mountain Time

River Gorge Amenities

A short drive from Chattanooga, Thunder Enterprises is developing a new community with approximately 2,000 homesites called River Gorge Ranch. The entire community is situated on Aetna Mountain overlooking the Tennessee River.

The development was designed to conserve the natural bluffs on the mountain and build each home into the topography. Each home and amenity will be designed to take advantage of the spectacular views. Our team has been working with the client to conceptualize each community feature to be offered on site.

The project will have several amenity sites connected through a variety of trail systems. The main amenity, at the entrance to the community at the top of the mountain, is the focal point of the development. The site will have a series of buildings that engage the dramatic views and are organized around a village square.

The plan is to have multiple structures to provide for resident and guest services. Programming for the site includes a public restaurant, fitness facility, resident’s club, overlook areas, and a local bodega.

The rest of the amenity site will offer cabin style houses and a large event lawn with a performance pavilion for community events. Mountain style architectural character sets the tone of the overall development which will utilize stone that is mined on site