The first thing we want to find out is to understand in detail what you really need, that’s where we start. 

“What are your needs and are they clearly defined? Do you understand what they are as fully as you should before you engage us and spend money with us?”

Then once we know that, we will craft a step-by-step process, that’s very efficient, that’s sequential. It will get them from A to B to C to D as best we can and as efficiently as we can and with the best end results as we can. That’s how we would approach any client that shows up for the first time.

The timing will depend on the project so it’s not really what we were doing the first three months. It would evolve differently if it’s a house, they probably want a lot of designs in the first three months, if it’s a new community with 20,000 people living there, then it’s going to take a little longer.