Master Planned and New Communities

Carefully planned from inception, our communities strive for excellence in New Urbanism and sustainability.

  • Solivita

    3,200 acre community in central Florida focused on active living.
  • Tributary

    1,475-acre community exemplifying the small town atmosphere
  • Lake Club

    Luxurious upscale living amidst a tuscan landscape.
  • Restoration

    5,000+ acre Smart Growth community implementing state-of-the-art planning principles
  • Tradition

    One of the most successful master-planned communities on the east coast.
  • Casitas del Sol

    A new community model for growth in the Yucatán Peninsula
  • Panama Pacifico – Antigua

    As part of the larger Panama Pacifico Project, Canin Associates designed and planned a 23 hectare community located east of Panama Pacifico Blvd.
  • Panama Pacifico – Kobbe Hills

    Kobbe Hills is a 339-hectare (837-acre) village wrapped around a large lake and a park that showcases the area’s natural ecosystem and vegetation.
  • Deerbrooke

  • Lake Flores

    Lake Flores is a 1,300 acre infill development in Manatee County on the Gulf Coast of Florida
  • Avalon Park

    Avalon Park is a 1,868 - acre new community accommodating 8,500 units in Orlando, Florida
  • Peninsula Bay

    Peninsula Bay is a new master planned infill community in Manatee County, Florida
  • Panama Pacifico

    A showcase for 21st century development in an international setting and will provide the Country of Panama with an economic base and room to grow
  • Connected City

    The project included a Crystal Lagoon at its center and as a driver for setting the overall character for the town center