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Consistent with our corporate vision, Canin’s Urban Design Studio offers our clients design innovation and expertise in the creation of Great People Places encompassing the following building types:

  • High Density Housing Typologies, both attached and detached
  • Single Family and Resort Residential Design
  • Multi-Family/Single Family Rental Properties
  • Community Clubhouses and Amenities
  • Village Center Architecture for Small Towns and Planned Communities
  • Village Centers
  • Mixed-Use Developments
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The goal of Canin Associates Landscape Architecture Studio is to design in harmony with the natural environment while remaining flexible enough to meet changing conditions. Through the successful definition of landscape architecture best practices and the development of solution-oriented strategies, we bring balance to new communities, public spaces and resort developments. Our work includes:

Solivita Main Street

The Urban Planning Studio at Canin Associates works with public and private clients to create powerful design and planning solutions for existing and new communities. Based on our core mission of creating great places for people, the Studio crafts in-depth visions, detailed designs, and innovative market-based strategies tailored to the local context.

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