At Canin Associates, it is important that we implement innovative and sustainable design principles in our projects, so our communities have lasting value. We continually research, study and advance principles of smart growth and sustainable development.

This is accomplished through community involvement, our research initiatives, and unique product design. Our hope is that our commitment to planning and designing great people places will inspire responsibility in individuals throughout our community and beyond.

The Brian C. Canin Award

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With an emphasis on collaborative research and mentoring, the Brian C. Canin Award Program seeks to advance the state of the art in placemaking and urban design with hands-on, real-world experiences.

Highlighted by a four- to six-week research program, it affords the recipient a well-funded opportunity to conduct research in an American city or town.

Four additional weeks will be devoted to orientation, mentoring, presentation, and professional collaboration. The Brian C. Canin Award Program offers one of the most diverse, valued professional internships.

Ongoing Research

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Canin Associates continuously engages in research and has addressed a variety of design and planning issues.

Research initiatives have included main street design and tenant viability, micro-home design, attainable housing typologies, streetcar neighborhoods, roundabouts, and sustainable regional growth.