Envision Destin Project Overview

For Envision Destin, Canin Associates completed a series of public workshops with the goal of crafting a vision for the future of four study areas in the heart of the City of Destin. Our team used that vision to shape a major re-write of the Future Land Use Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which we are working with Staff to guide through the adoption process. During the workshops, we used visual and written surveys to gather input from 244 citizens.

Furthermore, the workshops included a series of informational presentations designed to help the public to understand complex land use issues through compelling and understandable graphics. Through site plans, three-dimensional modeling, photorealistic renderings, and GIS analysis, Canin was able to illustrate the outcomes of different Comprehensive Plan alternatives. The project also resulted in a transformative Canin design for an alternative configuration of U.S. Highway 98 and a redevelopment concept for Destin’s Town Center.