Rivertown Project Overview

The RiverTown Town Center is crafted as a place where community can happen, providing a mix of uses that serve to build and sustain the residents, and a variety of spaces for community events to take place.

At the heart of the community lies the Riverwalk, a charismatic, meandering pedestrian place designed to reflect the joy of riverfront life and to add great placemaking value to the adjoining real estate. Perhaps the community’’s most distinguishing feature, the Riverwalk, differentiates RiverTown from the competition with an energizing presence and a special, urban streetscape. With a highly pedestrian oriented environment, the Town Center and Riverwalk provide the perfect atmosphere for an artist in residence program, where guest artists would be invited to the community to bring culture, activity and art education to the residents.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Town Center is the historic museum and library. Filled with artifacts of a time gone by, the small museum and library acts as the community’’s living room, inviting residents and guests to pull up a chair and learn more about the areas heritage in a relaxed and informal setting.