Well firstly, we love our competition, the better the competition, the better for us. They helped us raise the bar and set the standards that we always want to transcend. Every firm is different and there are a lot of great firms out there. What’s a little different from us is the Myrna – Brian relationship which is very family-oriented. We have the family spirit that actually permeates this group here so we have very close relationships with our people and vice versa. 

We also have three studios operating in one building. Not many firms offer architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and design in one place where people are tightly knit together and can deliver those services in a seamless way.

That’s rather special for us and we think that’s the most important thing. We take pride in anything that we produce and it should be as perfect as it can be. It’s important because our reputation depends on that. It’s our modus operandi.