Below is a selection of articles we have written for online and print publications:


Do Home Buyers Really Want Smart Home Technology?
Builder and Developer Magazine


Green Lifestyle Views by Different Generations
Builder and Developer Magazine


Curb Appeal: 2013 Design Trends in Exterior Home Design

Hot Design Trends for New Homes in 2013

Designer’s Perspective: Do Buyers Want Green?

Custom Home Design


Hot Trends in Bathroom Design

Canin Associates’ Canin Cottages

Color Trends 2012

Designing the Generation X Home for Today’s Family Buyer

Harmony House: Designing the Right-Sized, Net Zero Home for Today’s Economy

Home Design Points of Interest

Kitchen and Bath Design for Today’s Right-Sized Home Plans

Shopping for a New Home?

2011 and Earlier

Rockin’ Kitchen and Bathroom Design 2010

Right-Sized Home Design 2010

Design Guidelines and Pattern Books 2010

Architectural Design Trends 2008

Housing Design Trends 2007

Orlando Sentinel Home Design Guide

October 2011: Senior Living: Preparing Your Home with Aging in Place

September 2011: Home Design: Making Choices

August 2011: Walls, Doors, and Window Problems (and How to Fix Them)

July 2011: Building or Remodeling a Home on the Beach

June 2011: Hot Trends in Bathroom Design

May 2011: Home Away from Home: Outdoor Design Trends 2011

March 2011: Let’s Take it Outside: Outdoor Living Trends 2011

February 2011: Kitchen Design Trends 2011

December 2010: Home for the Holidays

October 2010: Lighten Up: Make the Most of Your Lighting

September 2010: Right-Sized Floor Plans

August 2010: Kitchen and Bath Design Ideas for Your Home

July 2010: Simple Green

June 2010: Mid-Year 2010 Design Trends

May 2010: Catch ‘Em at the Curb with Great Curb Appeal

April 2010: Inside Out: Trends in Outdoor Living

March 2010: Pool Design Trends and Flexible Outdoor Spaces

February 2010: Make Room: A Guide to Great Room Design

January 2010: Kitchen and Laundry Design Trends

December 2009: Best Design Value, Part II

November 2009: Best Design Value


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Buyer Magnets for Gen X, Gen Y, and Boomers, Southeast Building Conference 2015, Orlando, FL
Presented by Tony Weremeichik and Christy Scanlon (Masterpiece Design Group)