Envision Edgewater Project Overview

Starting in the spring of 2008, the Canin Associates’ not for profit organization, the Central Florida Sustainable Communities Initiative, undertook a public visioning project with the City of Edgewater, in Volusia County, Florida. Realizing that the City of Edgewater currently has no identified center and given the city’s beautiful natural asset of the intercoastal waterway, the visioning process focused on moving the city forward through the creation of a lively, well-functioning downtown that would be able to support new business, while also offering a vibrant place for residents and visitors to enjoy the waterfront.

Held over the course of two Saturdays, Envision Edgewater consisted of two public workshops in which participants had the opportunity to speak their minds about what they thought the future should hold for Edgewater. Guided by the CFSCI team, participants were able to build consensus on solutions to a number of challenges regarding development in the downtown. An illustrative vision plan was created, as well as a user-friendly vision document and website, which showcased the solutions that had been developed by the residents.